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Why sharebox.net ?

Because it is the best tool for sending files to your contacts, unlike the conventional mail which is not a wise choice for this task. Here are some reasons:
  • sharebox.net can send or receive attachments up to 5000 MB per file. With traditional email, all attachments can not exceed 20 Mb per email.
  • sharebox.net avoids storing files on mail servers as they are not designed to keep huge amounts of attached files. You save on buying discs and get better performance on the mail server for its core tasks.
  • sharebox.net decreases the use of the Internet connection of the company as items are only transferred once to our servers. Conversely, when sending files to multiple recipients, a mail server will use the company Internet connection to send to each recipient and often it will make several attempts to successfully send files, causing a sharp slowdown in Internet connectivity throughout the enterprise.
  • sharebox.net does not filter any file. You can pass all types of files, including those that are often wrongly blocked by antivirus systems.
  • sharebox.net makes your transfers confidential by encrypting communication between the sender and the recipients. Using traditional email, all intermediates in the path of your emails (service providers, hosting company) can access the content of your emails, including their attachments.

Does sharebox.net fit me ?

Of course! but to be sure, simply sign up for a free account without time limit to evaluate the service. It only takes a minute and no banking information is requested. Then you can select a Premium plan from the “Account > Subscription” page. As a new customer, the first month is offered and you can cancel the service without any charges.

What are the supported platforms and browsers ?

Microsoft Windows, MacOS, iOS and Linux are supported, both in sending and receiving files. Modern browsers work fine, with the exception of Internet Explorer for which we recommend using the Java application to send files.
During development, we check that the service works with all major browsers, like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

What is the support phone number ?

Whenever possible, we use email (support@sharebox.net), but for Premium customers who request so, an employee will contact them at their convenience by phone.


How secure is my data ?

We implement all the techniques to provide maximum privacy of your data, especially:

  • Sending and receiving files is encrypted by the TLS/SSL protocol, the same way that the transactions you make with your internet banking. This mechanism ensures that you are communicating with sharebox.net and that no one can intercept the conversation.
  • Each time you transfer files, you can specify a password that protects access to these files. This password should be transmitted by encrypted email only or by voice. Otherwise, the interception of the password will be relatively simple and totally undermine its protection.
  • Attempts to access data hosted on sharebox.net are recorded and the authors are blocked after a few tries to limit any possibility of brute force attacks

The only option to guarantee a perfect confidentiality is to encrypt data before sending it on sharebox.net with tools like Truecrypt or Jetico BestCrypt. This way, nobody but you can view your data as long as the software is used correctly.

Why can sharebox.net be inaccessible from time to time ?

Each website must protect itself from various threats. When our system detects an attack, it blocks the author for a while. It may be because you share this address with the author of the attack and therefore you can be blocked too. If it happens again, you can contact us for more details.


How to send my files to multiple recipients ?

The first step is to send files normaly without specifying the email address of the recipient. Once finished sending, the share link will be displayed and one click on “email” will allow you to send this link to the recipients using your usual email software.

Why send my files using Java ?

Not all browsers are equal in terms of performance and compatibility. In order for sharebox.net to be usable on (almost) all operating systems and (almost) all Internet browsers for large files sending, Java is the best suited and most reliable solution.
However, most modern browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera) allow sending large files via HTML5 without problem.

What are the Easylogin links ?

Easylogin links allow you and your correspondents to use sharebox.net without entering passwords. Naturally, access rights are different from the account owner and his contacts, that is why two Easylogin links are associated with each box. One private for the owner and one public for his contacts.

You can add the public link in your signature so that everyone can send you files directly in your mailbox without further authentication request.

How do I know if my correspondents have received my files ?

The account owner can track his/her transfers and in addition to the list of files, the list of downloads that have been launched. Since sharebox.net does not know the recipient list of your items and no authentication is required before downloading, it is not possible to indicate nominatively who has downloaded a file, but you can check the TCP/IP address and find out what OS and what browser was used to get the file.


Why limit the amount of traffic per month?

We limit the amount of data in and out of our servers to avoid file sharing as we focus only on the transmission of documents. Other services allow file sharing of unlimited duration. Conversely, sharebox.net provides a solution for companies to exchange documents easily and automatically removes unused files after a variable period, determined by the chosen plan.

How to know the amount of traffic used per period ?

The administrator, namely the person who originally created the account, can view usage statistics of each mailbox in the “Account > Statistics” menu for the last 6 months.

I made the payment on PayPal, but the plan is still not active.

A delay of a few minutes is quite normal, but if the plan is still not active after one hour, please inform our support so that we activate the plan manually.

I do not want to use Paypal. Do you have another solution ?

Yes, you can subscribe to a plan and pay by invoice to our bank account, but additional fees are charged for this operation. Please contact us at sales@sharebox.net for more information.